Monday, 7 June 2010

One more notch on the belt

It seems I have passed my repeat beginners lesson. Halleluja. It wasn't perfect but certainly good enough. My trainer commented on my excellent presence and rapport in the classroom and that my relationships with students are a strength.

I enjoy teaching adults. It's hard work with a lot of extra hours but it's an opportunity to make a positive difference to people's lives.

Today we had a grammar test. It was dreadfully difficult and technical. I know I didn't get everything right. We are all very nervous about our results. I found it worse than I expected, trying to work out what the trainer actually wanted. We'll find out our results tomorrow.

Also today I gave a one-on-one lesson, to a french lady, which was assessed. Once again I must wait until tomorrow for my results. It seemed to go well; she spent most of the lesson speaking English so that was good. The lesson involved discussion, reading, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary expansion but I have no idea of the marking criteria. I think the course components should identify these in advance.

Tonight I'm swotting for a phonology test tomorrow. It's all about the sounds of words, how they are produced and more. I hope it's the last test but we're not sure. A moderator arrives on Thursday to go over all our work and assessments. It's not a done deal that we will all pass.

Those of you familiar with the difficulties I've had with abnormal bowel function over the past year will be 'relieved' to know that France is indeed good for what ails me in that regard. For the past week things have moved volontarily on a number of occasions. Not perfect but these efforts are most appreciated, bowel, well done (so to speak). Don't laugh. Those of you who haven't 'been' for more than 10 days at a stretch will completely understand where I'm coming from. Is it the water? Is it the wine? I don't know but I take it as yet another sign that perhaps being in France is a good thing for me all-round.

I'm hoping things are going well for Laura at the moment; I haven't heard from her for days. Hey Laura, forgotten your Mum already? She's getting close to the end of her course at Manukau Institute of Technology. I will be very excited when she passes her certificate."Make it happen,Laura!"

I haven't heard from work either so I trust all is well there. Hopefully the Communications workstream organisational structure for the supercity is now online for me to comment on. I'll look at that tonight or tomorrow.


Defogger said...

As expected, and certainly hoped for, CONGRATULATIONS for your beginner's, and good luck with grammar results and phonology assessment. I understand the need for moderation to assure consistency across all instructors and providers.
Glad your movements are playing some form of harmony for you.
YOU ARE DOING IT... Yeah!!! said...

Hi mum, NO I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU! I'm literally crossing off the days. You have no idea lol. I was at Jon's for 4 days over the long weekend so haven't had a chance to speak to you. I think about you literally all the time and cannot wait until you come back. I'm sure it's the complete opposite for you haha but you really are missed.

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