Thursday, 5 August 2010

A retro moment

Off work with nasty headaches today I allowed myself to think back to my trip to France earlier this year. In particular Marseille. It's an interesting city but not one I'd want to live in, I think. My friend Valerie told me not to take my camera out with me because of the crime and pickpockets. Apparently wearing a camera would have made me a sitting duck for theft or assault.

Yes, there were definitely some seedy areas. We avoided the dangerous suburbs and took the little tourist train to look at the cathdedral de Notre Dame de la Garde. It's beautiful but we only had time to look around the outside, see the fabulous panorama that is the Marseille coastline with Chateau d'If, Vieux Port, the two forts at the entrance.

I tried an interesting Provencal rose wine- it was golden rather than pink, tasted OK though. Reliving these memories was important today because the whole complicated process of moving to France has not been fun. So refocussing on what I love about the country and what I'd like to relive and discover in the future was good therapy for me.


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