Thursday, 2 September 2010

Shimmying into the sunset

Normally I'd be sorting out my dance bag for my bellydance lesson on Saturday morning but for the first time in six years there's no class, no Monique, no exercise and no creative physical outlet. Instead I've got my last garage sale to manage.

I'd rather be dancing. I wonder if I'll bellydance regularly again. I hope so but it will be in France and I'll need to find a new teacher. Monique and I have had a great time developing me into the dancer I am now. We've shared many personal stories and danced together, laughed and cried. There aren't many people in this world I can say have been influential on me but she is one. I've enjoyed interacting with other dancers but my natural place is as a soloist. I can focus on what I am doing, rather than be distracted by others.

I've enjoyed the harem evenings at Monique's studio, learning how to conduct seduction dance workshops for women, learning how to use many dance props such as finger cymbals, veils, cane, wings, fan. Pretty costumes I've designed myself have been a terrific creative exercise and fun too. My website will cease as of the end of November

Now I'm on my own. Great memories though. Two recent photos of Monique


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