Sunday, 9 January 2011

Old Paris

Yesterday, despite still not feeling well, I decided to make the journey into Paris and meet up with a couchsurfer I have never met before. Pierette lives in Paris and she was hosting a Texan lady, Cheryl. The three of us met up at the St Michel Fountain where a band of teenagers had been busking. There were many tourists in Paris and the temperatures were above zero; cold but manageable.

We wandered briefly around one of the older and more narrow street areas of central Paris and then stopped in at an exhibition on the Finnish ecological use of wood as a building material. Then it was on to view the outside of Musee Cluny (the remains of a Roman bath house and abby of the middle ages. I determined I'd pop back some time and look inside the museum on the Middle Ages when I had more free time. It's right opposite the Sorbonne.

Having inspected the gargoyle at the well at the abby I joined the ladies at an exhibition in the surgery section of the Sorbonne. The theme was the German occupation of Paris. I'm afraid some of the photos of Nazis in Paris just made my blood boil.

Feeling in need of some energy we stopped into one of the oldest surviving cafes in Paris. Le Procope was established in 1686 and was a watering hole and conversational (maybe controversial) during the French Revolution. I'm glad to see it survived because it's exquisite, quintessentially Parisien. I explored the upstairs section with my camera and stepped out onto the balcomy to soak up the Paris by evening vibes. So here you are.... the side of Paris that many people don't see because usually only a local can know about this. Full of rich chocolaety tarte I said my goodbyes and headed to the Metro, the stations and home.

Photos include Le Procope Cafe, Musee Cluny, St Michel and an exhibition


Alison said...

Hopefully the excursion was a tonic and that you feel a little better now. :-) Lovely photos and interesting information.

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