Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The deed is done

Today I officially resigned from my job with Waitakere City, sad but necessary due to the farce that is the 'super city' creation. I spoke to a number of staff who were supportive and pleased for me but it was heartbreaking to hear their stories of worry and hurt caused by the transition process they are going through. Many still, after 18 months of waiting, have no idea if they will get a job. Many of them are very concerned about the 'fire' they are trying to jump to. What sort of culture will it be if they are being treated like this, already?

Auckland was dysfunctional before but Waitakere wasn't. To destroy something that much of the world is racing to embrace seems crazy and irresponsible to me. I'm referring to Waitakere's principles of putting people and the environment first and working with businesses to ensure what we do is more sustainable and less harmful. I'm seeing no genuine evidence of this being the way greater Auckland is heading.

Lucky me to be leaving NZ. I have no respect for the current situation, only immense respect for the people I have been working for and with for four years. I really hope Aucklanders get off their bums and vote this time. Giving up or being apathetic serves only the political bullies and players.


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