Thursday, 12 August 2010

Houston, we have lift-off!

I hadn't been at work all that long today before I received a phone call on my mobile. It was an 04 number, Wellington. Could it be? At the end of that call I was punching the air. Yyeeesssss! The embassy had rung and confirmed approval for my work visa. I will receive it in my passport in 10 working days.

So it's really certain now...I will be living and working 47kms outside Paris for the next year. I will make new friends, work my way further towards bilingualism, discover the intricacies of a very different culture, stretch my intellect, discover new places, maybe even explore new countries.

How awesome! I'll deal with the sadness of leaving things behind and somehow I'll deal with the separation from daily life with Laura. I'll deal with my fragile financial situation and those moments of loneliness in France. I'll stay open to what I can be and do and feel. I hope I can be of service to people and our planet and fill my life with love.

I'll give this opportunity my best effort.


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