Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sell, sell, sell

Laura and I are heavily into it. Selling my possessions on Trade Me. Some things seem to be of no interest to anyone and others go quite quickly. I'm managing to accept the empty spaces and lack of facilites, after all. I coped with the primitive conditions in Plelauff earlier this year.

I have no ideas what my little bedsit in Rambouilllet will be like; very small, I think. Will there be room for my few personal effects when they arrive? It might be touch and go. Never mind, I'm keen to get on with it but it's still important for me to let go of my NZ life gently.

Laura is still nervous about not having a secure full-time job so she can move out of home. That's understandable. I wish the supermarket would give her some real certainty not just verbal comments. There are people who will look out for her but I know she wants to manage things herself. That's admirable but sometimes you have to seek assistance for a short time.

I remember that when I left home I couldn't support myself financially so my boyfriend paid the rent for a furnished flat in central Christchurch. I was really poor but with a little help I managed and I've survived ever since. Not often easily but, hey, look at me now. I'm like an 18 year old again, little in the way of belongings but without ties now, even less than I had when I was 18.

When I was born my surname was FREE. Even my first name, Frances, means FREE but I've always felt anything but, until now. Now I see my first name as being a signpost to FRANCE.


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