Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The simpler life

While I was working from home today the packers popped in to upload my personal effects.The guys didn't take long. Now my things are on their way to France. I'll see them again some time after I arrive there.

I look around my home and the reality certainly is setting in. In particular, what's left I cannot keep, no matter how much attachment I might have to it. It's sad. I can't keep my record collection and there are some great albums in it, like Thriller. I don't want to sell them but they are heavy, what can I do?

Last night Laura had some success on Trade Me selling some of my furniture and a camera. My seachests are beautiful pieces of wood, in rimu and macrocarpa and will not be available in France. Well, I'm learning not to be materialistic.

I've kept some bellydance costumes, my DVDs and CDs, some clothes and collectables, a dinnerset and some china, my guitar and my violin. That's it. My second oldest possession is my violin. I acquired it when I was nearly 11 years old and played it regularly until I left high school aged 17. I've pottered around on it only a handful of times but I've always intended to take it up again so I can play in a chamber group or orchestra.

And my oldest possession? My teddy with the tummy button that still plays twinkle twinkle little star, after 55 years.


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