Thursday, 16 December 2010

Lewd and light moments

Yep, that's certainly something I didn't need, expect or want to see.
I was standing at the bus stop outside the train station at Cafeolait (peaceful village, reasonably affluent )waiting for a lift from a colleague to attend the staff luncheon. It was very cold and wet and here and there were still patches of snow from a week ago. People were starting to collect at the bus shelter across the road. One man took off his coat. I was surprised because it was bitterly cold. He seemed warmly dressed with a beanie. I looked away but moments later looked back. You what?????

The guy was virtually naked. His trousers and underpants were around his ankles and he was holding his top up high around his neck so there was this very large expanse of nakedness in the middle of the street. He had his dick in his hand (not small)and he was pissing into a person's property.

I find it pretty disgusting that men find pissing on personal and public property of no consequence- it stinks (consider the subways) but this guy was making a real display. There's no need to take your clothes off if you are a guy so seeing that big lump of a guy doing that next to the bus stop-well... it's puzzling.

I turned to the old woman at the bus stop next to me and remarked to her. She wasn't fazed, as if she's seen everything and is past disappointment in humanity. She informed me that Cafeolait is one of the better areas-as she pointed out the smashed glass in the shelter. There are worse areas, she said to me. Surely the naked guy is not right in the head, I remarked. Probably too much drink she calmly explained. She wasn't happy about the state of the world but...well...there you are. Indeed, ugly naked man pissing on the lampost to start the day.

It wasn't quite the start of the day though. Earlier I had been following my language instruction via the TV. I try to catch a children's programme before work to get me into the French language for the day and pick up on some phrases and vocab. I watch either Dora the Explorer, or the Mickey Mouse Kids Club (that's difficult with the accents of Donald and Pluto). Babar the elephant is too difficult for me because they have long conversations and speak too quickly. Dora is ideal because it's education-based rather than entertainment. She repeats things, asks simple questions and follows a formula. No wonder babies can learn - they hear things over and over again and their heads aren't full of adult cack.

Lunch was, expectedly, challenging for me. Social situations always are because I don't understand what people are saying. This is when I designate myself as the official photographer- it keeps me 'mixing', and visible and occupied. I had vegetarian meals as the menu is confined to animals hunted in the forest. No beef and lamb. Eventually we got internet access and could view 3 animations I had prepared, featuring some staff. That seemed well-received.

Tomorrow is Friday, the last working one for 2010. On Saturday morning I am expecting an American chap to come and look at my car- I hope I can manage this OK. In the afternoon Brad from Antwerp is arriving in Cafeolait. We'll then travel to Rambouillet so I can show him around the place. He is a fellow couchsurfer. I can't offer a couch anymore so I try to be available for meet and greets.


Alison said...

I thought you were going to say that he flashed at you! But it was really only one step up from that, I guess. I went out a few times with a walking group and I often found myself startled that when the men wanted a wee they just went then and there - no jumping behind a tree or whatever. The women made quite a fuss about needing to go and did make some sort of attempt to find privacy, but a spindly bush hid little. They obviously just aren't bothered about such things, but I found it a bit weird! Just what we're used to I guess. Enjoy the next few days leading up to Christmas! x

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