Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Looking for Lancelot

Yesterday, for a short time, I was in a medieval village with a ruined castle from the 14th century, complete with the slits for the arrows and a real moat too linked to the village stream.

Pascal's again too busy to take a trip to Mont St Michel which is very disappointing so I made do with a quick trip to the village of Fougères. Axel needed to buy a present for his Mum. We took a stroll in the thick fog around the castle. You can see the ruins in the photos; the moat, the village. What I can't show you is the ancient washing area for clothes etc. There are stones leading to the washing area and big pots set in stone for boiling the linen. None of it functions now of course but I've included the signage.

The fog was terrible for taking decent photos and it was rather early in the evening before we could visit the town. The stonework of the houses is terrific and there is so much character. There are some good quality shops and it's bigger than St Aubin du Cormier where Pascal lives but still there's nothing to do there for the inhabitants. A bit like Rambouillet I suppose, but lovely to visit.

Tomorrow I leave for Paris and Rambouillet. It has been wonderful to spend time again with Pascal and his family. He is such an attentive, kind and loving father-I haven't seen much of that in Men before though I know it's out there. We have a lot of laughs. But I'm not used to such an indolent life. Yes, Ok I'm on holiday but it's time to leave lovely Brittany and get back into the rhythm of life in Rambouillet before I'm back at work on Monday. I also need to start preparing to buy a car - I really need one to help my integration and independence.

Tonight Pascal and I will visit one of his female friends for a drinks and nibbles evening. I shall pay special attention to what is served, including the wines. If my consumption of wine is anything to go on I should be getting healthier and healthier because I rarely drank it in NZ but drink it every day when I stay with Pascal. Hope your New Year's are shaping up the way you'd like.


Alison said...

I've just got back from a week at the beach and have enjoyed catching up on your blog. What a wonderful and rich experience your Christmas was! Great stuff. (Let me know if you don't make it to Mont St Michel - I'd love to go there some time! :-)) I hope the beginning of a new year marks a real turning point for you, and that from now on all the dots start joining together. Bonne annee. xxx

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