Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Oh, for Goodness Sake!

Gritting teeth. It's just never simple is it?
I left work, popped the cheque into the bank and waited for a train to Paris. Arrived there and headed out to Chatillon-Montrouge on the Metro. Got a bit lost because this crazy town has decided to split itself in two depending on how schizophrenic it felt about the railway line through the middle. And how was I to know that? I expected the road to stay in one town. First I picked the wrong one but an extra walk got me to the other side and the OFII immigration people.

They only speak French. Good grief- they are handling immigration. So, it's as well I can hold my own enough to get on side with those I can and make a point with those I can't. I'm sick of them expecting me to be FREE. That is not my legal name and hasn't been since I was 21. Officiousness, arrogant and pompous doctor, robotic radiographer. At least I managed a joke with a couple of nurses. There I was with a heavily bandaged finger (from the breadknife)and then they put a big plaster on another one - test for diabetes. We laughed about my two bandages and they asked if I would like a third. Non merci, ├ža suffit.

Blood pressure, urine, Xray of chest. How old was I? (should have been obvious from my records). Have I ever been sick or had an injury in my life? I looked at him incredulously- how stupid. I said at my age, of course. He asked if anything serious so I replied no. He told me I should get an eye checked out. Well I couldn't see the silly wee numbers that small, especially when I pressed my hand very hard to the eye to test the other one and probably pressed too hard so I took ages to work out what they were until my eye recovered. Oops. The doctor insisted on listening to my heart but didn't notice my heart condition. Weight and height had been checked - they don't admit giants or pygmies? Chest Xray OK. I was told I'm supposed to be vaccinated for polio. Done that I said. He insisted that in NZ you have to do it every 10 years- really. After a further long wait I was seen for all the paperwork. I had done my homework  meticulouslybecause I didn't want any foulups.

Young guy studied everything and then said "Malheureusement..." oh oh that's not good. Cockup by French staff. They did not create a carte de sejour with the matching numbers of my VISA and they must match. Not my fault but I must go away and come back another time. That cost me half a day of work and money travelling 4 trains. They will contact me in a few weeks and I'll have to come back at my expense. I didn't see that one coming.

But as I walked home in the rain I felt the wetness harden into snow-that was expected as there is a major alert on for more serious snowfall. Shit, I am catching trains and the TGV from home to Paris to Rennes to see Pascal. There could be no problem but there COULD be delays with connections so I will have to leave an hour earlier than necessary to hope I can arrive in Paris in time to catch my TGV.

Agghh! stress already. Ahh, but at least I'm in the black for 2011.

Will keep you informed of my Breton adventures as they unfold.


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Joyeux Noel! xxx

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