Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pot Luck

Some of us at work got together for a pot luck dinner at a colleague's place. These social events are really difficult for me because it's almost impossible for me to understand what all the people are saying with their rapid speech, simultaneous conversations and my age-related deafness. But I'm not going to get better at recognising language unless I push myself.

It was very interesting trying the different kinds of dishes that we'd brought. Out host had made a traditional Breton dish involving vegetables boiled with a piece of pork for 3 hours and a bag of black wheat. My two favourite dishes were the potato tart and an orange-flavoured cake.

It was very late by the time we headed home and I was feeling quite unwell. I don't know why-so much exhaustion, headaches and nausea though I do know there are a lot of nasties going round and round this winter, more-so that usual, is my impression.

I made certain I got a few domestic chores done on Saturday. Philippe the bricoleur arrived but there were problems with the tringle I bought for the shower curtain and he seems to have no idea how to fix the cover of the rangehood. So far I have two photos up and that is all. He said he would go back and exchange the tringle I bought. I hope so because I have no money to replace the one that seems broken now. It's very hard to make progress but I remind myself good things take time.

I was looking forward to spending some time showing Damien around Cafeolait and Rambouillet on Sunday but that didn't end so well either. Nice day, sad finale. More on that next time.


Alison said...

I never adjusted to large groups talking all at once. It did my head in to be honest! But I liked to think that had I stayed for longer.... So you'll get there!

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