Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bad Taste

It never ceases to amaze me just what can happen in a day. In just a few hours your life can change markedly and off you go, having to move in a direction you didn't want.

Sunday dawned reasonably well. Cold, overcast but with a suggestion that blue sky might appear. Mid morning Damien arrived at my place in Cafeolait before we took the train for the promised busy programme of getting to know Rambouillet. We went for a walk and ended up walking to the Bergerie Nationale. The Merinos were'nt making their presence known but I imagine they were saving their strength for the open day for families, later in the day.

After a long and very cold walk we returned to my studio where I made lunch and then it was off to the castle so Damien could have a look around. We also walked to the Queen's Dairy and the Shell Cottage where I managed to sneek off a photo before I was told to stop. They seem to be protecting their postcard supply of photos. Silly really, Versailles doesn't bother to stop photographers-maybe they realise that folks share them with their friends, thus promoting the attraction.

Following that there was time for a long walk through the park,looking at the waterfowl, past the gardens and back via train to Cafeolaite for me to cook dinner and offer a DVD. All well and good, we enjoyed our day but the hour got late and it was time for Damien to head home.

Out of the blue he asked me when I thought I might fall in love with him? What was my time frame? Heh??????????????????? Being honest I said I didn't know at this stage but I greatly enjoyed my time with him and that he was a very nice sort of man etc. I should point out, dear Readers, that that was only the fourth time we had met. We'd had some lovely meetings and I thought things were going Ok even if he was a little overly enthusiastic at times, a bit 'rushy'. I had mentioned to him at our first meeting that i had had a few bad experiences and that I was taking things carefully and needed him to go slowly.

Clearly I was too slow.I wasn't ready to take things to another level. He seemed like a reasonable and normal sort of guy but I was prudent this time. I had decided not to rush into an emotional entanglement too soon. Some expressions of affection are fine but I'm not leaping into a sexual relationship with a guy until I am sure he's going to hang around a long time and that we are well suited.

Damien decided he wasn't prepared to invest any more time in me if I couldn't guarantee him if and when I'd be in love with him. He left. He also left his camera behind but when I contacted him he refused to come back for it and told me to throw it in the rubbish bin. How odd. I checked, it wasn't working, true but it had a lot of holiday photos of another woman on it from back in August. She looked decidedly miserable and the two photos of Damien didn't seem happy ones either. Hmm, I'll throw it in the bin.

I also discovered he had gone to my blog and copied a photo I had taken of him at Chantilly and has posted it as his profile photo on Meetic- the dating site, already. There's no class in that action; using a personal moment we shared to promote himself to other women. I guess he can't have been grieving very long over me. Clearly I was too slow in giving what he wanted. I thought I had a lovely friend but he's not interested enough in me for that. It happens, shame.

Back to square one. I'm certainly getting a lot of experience.

The handyman arrived last night so now i have a telescopic pole (not very strong) to hang a shower curtain on. Yayy!!! Progress.

Photos of the inside of the seashell cottage which is decorated entirely of shells and pieces of glass, the park, the castle and me.


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