Thursday, 15 September 2011

What can I rediscover?

As the anniversary of my arrival in France approaches I've been thinking about what to do with this next year. We all know what happened with the last one and there are events and experiences that I definitely don't want to include in this next year.

Apart from most weekends when I spend some time with Jean-Claude, I lead a very solitary life. I'm comfortable with my own company but that doesn't make it a happy time. I gave up so much to be here, now I think it's time I clawed a few things back. I mean human interaction and hobbies.

This is no mean feat for me in Cafeolait. Nice though it is, it's not as dynamic a place as I am used to and the choices of activities are very limited. Pony club? Stamp collecting? Classic cars? Sports? Nooooo. And then there's the issue of transport. I still think I'm going to need a car to be able to do all I want, though even a car won't be much use in the ice and snow. Hmmm

On the way home today I walked my bike a little further out of town to the Conservatoire Municipal. It's in a big old building. While I was waiting for someone to ask me what I wanted checked out options displayed on a wall: dance, music. Aha.

It's 39 years since I've played my violin. I still have it; though to be a beautiful copy of a Guarnarius. A violin is very portable. Maybe I could play in a chamber group one day. It'd take a bit of work. Unfortunately I discovered there is no teacher this year. I must wait until May and start a waiting list.

The dance options are limited too. There's certainly no belly-dancing. There doesn't seem to be any jazz. I'm too old for ballet. I was advised to come back next Friday with comfy clothers and test a class in Contemporary dance. I haven't done that before and I'm not sure if my decrepit body would cope. I'm not fit or supple any more. But I'm making a date with myself to at least check it out. The lady I spoke to there became very interested in me and tried to be helpful. She told me her name was Susanne so I said see you Thursday.

I left the place feeling happy. A French lady of a similar age was very friendly and interested in me. Yes, I need some friends, that's a goal for this year- to broaden my activities and circle of friends. Victoria's been at me to do it and the time is right. I just need a good outcome from my trip to the prefecture  to hand in my application to stay here longer. It happens tomorrow.


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