Friday, 23 April 2010

Small beginnings

I've asked myself recently if anyone else would be interested in my adventures as I pursue my dream. I don't know yet but you can help me find out.

What is my dream?
To live and work in France (and maybe find love along the way).

Why does this dream matter to me?
For some reason I have spent much of my life feeling pulled towards this country. Maybe it's my french ancestry, my DNA? Maybe it's because I'm fascinated by the culture, the history, the language. Whatever it is, it's in my heart and soul and certainly daily in my mind.

Time, opportunity and money always seemed to get in the way of me achieving my dream. Last year I had a trip booked but it all fell through due to a dishonest and cowardly french lover- yes there's a story there but not today. Now I'm a little over 2 weeks from catching my flight from the ends of the earth (New Zealand) to Paris. Wow. It's been an excruciating process but deep inside i'm hoping there's something magical ahead on my travels. What will happen? Come along for the ride and discover with me...


Shams said...

Frances, you are a determined woman, very persistent and you will find what you seek. I know it's been such a painful experience trying to make your dream come true, but no doubt with all your passion you have made it true finally. I am hoping that you make the most of it. Go Frances with much love.

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