Sunday, 10 April 2011

Growing things...

This past week I've endeavoured to keep myself out there. By that I mean keeping busy and getting out of Cafeolait when I can, mixing with people.

On Tuesday night I went into Paris after work to meet up with an Australian Couchsurfer called Jan who wanted company during her visit to Paris. I waited more than 20 minutes and was about to leave when I decided on an off-chance to approach a woman who had just arrived at the St Michel fountain. Yes, it was Jan. I would recommend that people meeting up not change their hair colour, to have a mobile phone or wear something distinctive. We had some difficulties locating the Procope restaurant which I wanted to show Jan. You will recall it's the oldest restaurant in Paris. Jan didn't seem that interested in it and said she was in need of an alcoholic drink so we found a restaurant that interested her- Le Boomerang. Hmm, is that a coincidence? We swapped stories over a light meal and then I needed to find my way back home. It took 1.5 hours travelling. That's the problem of not living in Paris but I really don't see how, on my salary, I could ever live in Paris. Paris has come alive again with the milder temperatures. People and tables spill out onto the streets, spontaneous breakouts of entertainment such as busking occur, there's a lot more energy in the streets.

I need to visit Paris again soon during daylight to see it in it's freshest, newest clothes, Spring. It's more difficult lately as I spend most of my weekend times with Jean-Claude and he's rather laid-back and prefers to stay-at-home. Jean-Claude continues to be good company, he's always thoughtful and kind and generous. He suggested the current colour of my hair is a bit too dark for my age. He took along pictures of me to a hairdresser for advice. I was surprised by this though I don't disagree with his impression.

I started to develop white hair at the tender age of 21 and since then it has been a struggle not to look older than my years. I've dyed my hair since I was 26. My natural colour is now white but I'm not ready for that to be displayed to the world. Unfortunately I need to colour every 2-3 weeks at home and the colour builds up or gets sucked up by my starving hair-hence it has become rather black. My original colour was a mousy brown but I've always fancied myself as a redhead, of various shades.

JC kindly offered to help me lighten my hair so I spent some time at a hairdresser in Gallardon village getting what turned out to be highlights. What do you think of them? I still need further treatment to lighten my hair so I can change the overall colour to a browny red. The hairdresser was rather rough-and-ready with no finesse and a heavy hand on the scissors, despite my instructions so I'm reluctant to go back to her. I need to find someone in Ramnbouillet, I think. I'm so stretched financially it's wonderful to have some of these things done for me.

What have I found? I came to France to find love. Whose? For how long? I don't know. It's unsettling not to know the answer but JC and I enjoy spending time together so I'm trying not to worry about the future and our very different situations and wants in life. I even try to discuss and debate politics, philosophy, anything really, with him. On Saturday night we popped over to visit his neighbours. He had been invited to dinner. A major challenge for me again as there was rapid, multiple comments on topics I know nothing about and vocabulary I have never heard. Delightful people with interesting conversation.

A bowl of aperatifs turned out to be a bit disconcerting as the sea snails decided they were not actually dead and started uncurling from their shells and looking around at us. Ewww. A decision was made NOT to eat them and more predictable munchies were produced. I passed on the little shrimps too -though at least they were very dead.

The main course was chicken in a Mediterranean style with dried apricots and rice. Oh dear. I don't eat chicken but I managed to get it down somehow- the dish was well done. Champagne, white wine, red wine, cheeses, salad, dessert. It was a 'formal' dinner party in a lovely atmosphere; a family environment; it's been a while since I've had that and it's the first time JC has spent time with his neighbours, also our first social activity together.

Next weekend we are going to visit Mont Saint Michel together. I had hoped many times to visit it with Pascal; first nearly a year ago and then at Christmas but it was never a priority for him. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and suggest it to JC. There'll be a lot of driving but I'll have my first experience of Normandie and maybe a few other places along the way. MS Michel is the most visited monument in France (more than the Eiffel Tower).

My flower and herb gardens are flourishing now and I've added basil, parsley and chives to the collection. Love it! I water my plants with my saucepan but JC has bought me a tiny watering can and some liquid plant food-Awwww, how lovley.

Photos show The Parisian restaurant le Boomerang, Jan in Le Procope, my new temporary hair colour scheme plus the old one, JC at home.


Defogger said...

Looking VERY good! You seem to be beginning to flourish, and so is your garden. :-)

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