Monday, 21 July 2014

Book launch prize winner

 It's been over a month since my book Follow My Heart was launched. In that time I've been introduced to some of my readers by their personal contact with me (always welcome) and their reviews. So far reviews on Amazon sites around the world and also on Smashwords are garnering four and five stars and I've appreciated their honesty. You can also find reviews and mentions of my book at  which is a blog specialising in books (with particular emphasis on anything relating to life in France), and also another book blog where I was offered a guest post.

Recently a copy was requested by The Connexion, an English language newspaper based in Monaco. I wonder if they will decide to go ahead with a review. Like any indie author I find it's a hard slog to develop any discoverability. We are lost in the thousands of books released each month and don't have the marketing and distribution machinery of a traditional publisher and publicist. Nevertheless, it's vital we continue our efforts to promote our publications indefinitely, in order to build up some critical mass. When that elusive critical mass happens, word of mouth takes off and we're away to becoming visible to a large number of potential readers, as well as key media. For most authors that never happens.

At launch I offered those who purchased and reviewed my book by close of 17 July a chance to enter a prize draw for a Kindle Fire HD. This lovely e-reader is a colour-capable one. When you have one you can enjoy pictures and artwork in full colour and store hundreds of books on it to read wherever you go. I'm delighted to announce that Nada Cottrell, who enthusiastically jumped in and purchased the book as soon as it was available, sending me purchase confirmation by email, as well as a prompt review on, has won this lovely piece of technology.

To all of you who have purchased, read and reviewed my memoir of some harrowing yet extraordinary adventures, a very big MERCI. To those of you who wrote reviews but didn't enter the prize draw, a very big thankyou to you too. You're helping a brand new author and you are so appreciated. And if you are one of my 'invisible' readers thank you so much for your interest and support. Please tell your acquaintances about the book.

Still keen to participate in a prize draw? If you're a Goodreads member (massive social media site dedicated to books) I'm running a giveaway until 30 July. I have 5 copies of Follow My Heart by Frances Lawson available free across selected countries, so five lucky people who register for this Goodreads giveaway (which is organised by the site itself) by that date will receive a FREE signed copy from me. Not a member yet? It's free to join

You can read my Smashwords author interview here 

I will have the opportunity to meet some of my readers in France in the near future. I thank them for their interest and invitations to get together. It's going to be wonderful to meet them and hear their own stories of expat life in France.

Photo shows Jean-Francois drawing the prize for the Kindle Fire HD


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