Thursday, 3 June 2010


I was up reasonably early to go over my lesson plan. The morning was gorgeous for a change so I popped outside to say Bonjour to the small animals who live at the Camina Centre. There are large ones such as horses and goats but I prefer the smaller ones. They have a lovely environment and are well cared for. Even the rabbits are allowed to burrow in an enclosure. One bunny in particular came to greet me. It loves to have handfuls of long grass fed to it through the wires. Its colleague seems to have an interesting relationship with a peacock. Note it's the peacock that's excited by the bunny and not the other way around. I enjoyed seeing the cavies (guinea pigs) in a more natural enclosure than what we city-dwellers can offer. They can run amazingly fast and are not tame, rather timid in fact, but happy.

On the whole, my beginners lesson was better this time but it wasn't absolutely perfect and so I don't know what the verdict will be. I so hope it's positive. Some of my activities were a wee bit difficult for the students although they did enjoy it."What scares you?"

I'll get my assessment on Monday. I've still got to plan and conduct a custom-lesson for a french student and swot for grammar and phonology tests next week.

Tomorrow, very early, I'll head to St Brieuc to meet Annarita and we'll breakfast together. In the afternoon I'll catch the train for Rennes for a last weekend with Pascal. I hope we can see some of the breton countryside this weekend (my last here).

Travel can be very expensive if you have only a week or two to book. I booked a train trip from Paris to Marseilles to meet up with Valerie who lives in Gardanne. It's one way and cost me 93 euros aagghhh! I'll meet up with her for lunch on 17 June. I understand her work is near the train station so that's convenient.

I'm excited about seeing Paris, my job interview and my short trip to Provence. In a week I hope I'll have my TESOL certificate. It's vital to what happens in Paris, what happens after I go back to New Zealand, what happens for the rest of my life. A simple and modest little piece of paper within arm's reach, but a treasure I have not yet earned.


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