Friday, 11 June 2010

Au revoir Plelauff

Rolling through the Breton countryside in the bus for 1 hour 20mins, listening to my MP3 player, I was a content woman. The clouds were low and there was a lot of mist as we passed through one village after the other; stone cottages, forts and church spires gradually gave way to the city of St Brieuc.

I was feeling very at peace. I knew this trip well, I knew how the bus system and timetable worked and I'd just had my hair cut and blow-waved in Rostrenen. The stylists didn't speak English so it wasn't easy but they appreciated my efforts to explain what I wanted and my hair stylist was very thorough. I've had quite a bit of length taken off though it is still long. I felt a slightly new look was in order. Something easier to look after, something with a bit more style and perhaps a little more chic for Paris? Don't worry, it's not a big departure from what I had but it's a bit easier to look after.

I had another 'bite' from a language school in Paris. Unfortunately, as soon as they found I didn't have working papers they lost interest. How frustrating. I sent out 37 CVs last night, to Paris and Marseille. I've sent out 70 CVs in total and I've run out of time. My destiny may be already decided but I'll give Paris my best shot. I'm having a truly rich experience and the fun stuff is just beginning.


Defogger said...

You couldn't do better than you have - A+, I reckon. Now it is personality and ballsiness, and you have both. And loads of fun enjoying what by now is an exquisitely well deserved break. ENJOY!

Shams said...

I am so proud of you Frances,that you have successfully finished your course! what a relief ha!
I look forward to seeing you before I leave to Bahrain, when are you coming back??
Enjoy the rest of your trip. As for the jobs you are applying for I say leave it to destiny and luck to decide, since you know you have put in the right efforts and energy then obviously there is not much to do but wait for the opportunity to land in your zone!
Thinking of you lots :)

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