Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Keeping my head up (literally)

Today we had an unexpected break in the afternoon thanks to a major power outage in the area. This was very inconvenient for us because we couldn’t use our laptops or print out anything for lessons or even make a cup of tea. We were pretty concerned because the  Centre seems to have no plan to look after us in any way if there is no lighting, heating or cooking, not even a torch. Thank goodness the power came on a few hours later before nightfall. We rushed to put on our dinner and the heaters and power up our laptops.

I’m really pleased I bought mine. It would have been impossible to do the course or look for work without one, let alone keep you all up to date with my adventures without one. Its carry case is looking very worn already as it get bumped on buses and trains and my suitcase looks the worse for wear. It’s just as well I didn’t bring my dance costumes as it’s difficult enough to manage what I DO have.

I’m looking forward to a real bedroom and a real bathroom. In my opinion, this establishment could be a lot more customer service focussed. I’m getting tired of sleeping on toilet rolls because I don’t have a proper pillow. Last week I was sleeping on my bag of dirty laundry but now I’ve washed all that so I have to resort to my left-over toilet rolls to support my head. The thin, lumpy postage stamp that masquerades as a pillow is utterly useless. The spit-thru blanket I had to ask for is holey and if I wanted a change of linen (ha, a thin duvet cover) it would cost me extra so I’m sleeping in a bed I’ve had for a month. It’s lucky I’m a clean person.

By the way, when I posted photos of my room I was using a wide-angle lens folks. The training is good but this course is definitely not for the faint-hearted, physically or emotionally. We all had to sign a waiver when we got here which stated that the course was very intense and stressful and that the company would not be held accountable for any ‘problems’ we developed. Nice.

I had my personal interview with the trainer today. The verdict is that I need to re-swot and do a retest of the grammar, especially on the various types of clauses and phrasal verbs. That will happen tomorrow so tonight I’m full-on cramming for that and completing assignments. Fortunately I passed Phonology.

My health continues to improve (throat still not right though). Bowels, sleeping and energy levels are generally better than in NZ, despite the stress of this course. In two weeks I will be packing to come back to NZ. So little time left to do things but I’m trying not to dwell on that. I’m doing all I can to make the future I want but it still depends on fate. What will I be permitted to achieve? I certainly don’t subscribe to The Secret. If that was genuine I’d have been at my goal years ago. So in the words of Frank Sinatra and Elvis “ I’ll do it my way” and try to have faith that at last the Gods may be smiling-more on that next time.

More photos of St Malo


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