Sunday, 13 June 2010

Miam miam

Sunday is a good market day in Paris. I wandered over to the fresh food one. Wow. It would be fun to do this on Sundays if I lived in this city. The food looks great, it's fresh and there is so much to choose from. Interesting tomatoes and asparagus that you'd never see in NZ were there. Prices were high and I couldn't drag shopping bags around with me all day so I had to make do with photos. Flowers, vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, wine and cider, pasta and preserves, soap and essential oils (and the ubiquitous jewellery). And then there's the vegetable paella.

On the way back to Frederique's apartment I walked past the Place Marco Polo
and decided to have a wee sit down. That's easy in Paris. Every hundred metres or so there's a seat. That was just as well as I consulted a map frequently and after 7.5 hours walking (not counting lunch) my back, hips and feet were killing me. I hope they recover fast because I have another day of walking planned tomorrow.

I mean to practice using the metro to get to my appointment and to use the bus to visit the Ile de la Cite, including Notre Dame.

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Looks delicious! You won't want to come back, it's freezing here!

Defogger said...

Wonderful photos! Great expressive writing! Love to hear how you're doing. All the VERY BEST for your appointment.

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