Monday, 28 June 2010

Side effects

I did not escape as I thought I had. It struck me down, big-time, today.

I'm referring to the jetlag. I was bouncing around work yesterday having slept about 5 hours in 4 days. I was tired but wired.

I went to bed last night but woke up today at almost 3pm. Sorry work! The sore throat is back too. I guess I must have overdone things. Well, I'm expecting to be back on deck tomorrow and I need to get some passport photos for my new passport application (a priority). I have arranged an appointment at the French Embassy in Wellington for 30 July.

Now I am waiting for the official contract from my new employer in Ile de France. Everything seems to be a goer but I'm not 'safe' until I have that and the visa. These are nailbiting times.

In the meantime I'm trying to plan and organise logistics for the move. I will have to sell my home contents to fund the transportation of my personal effects and to pay for the flight. Soooo much to do and a lot on my mind but it all feels right.

Photo of frogs legs as they are sold in the Paris markets. They are not common these days-maybe they've eaten them to extinction? Or maybe fast food is more popular?


Tijen said...

I must go to that market, as a market maniac!
Thanks Frances and I'm glad your dream is coming true...

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