Sunday, 13 June 2010

What a start!

Last night Veronique and I checked out the neighbourhoods of Paris by car, munched on some takeway food from a Feminist-Lesbian rally and enjoyed a drink at a bar. We also attended a free theatre/music performance given by a writer friend of hers. I couldn't understand any of it as it was delivered at speed in french using a style that is not conversational. A few words here and there- that's all I could get, damn.I did enjoy being out at night and wandering around as if I was a local.

We drove part of the way along the Champs Elysee but the traffic was awful. I had to risk life and limb leaning out of the car to get a shot. I don't know how Parisiens survive traffic. Pedestrians risk life and limb, cars whiz in all directions, they park so closely you wonder how they get in and out without an airlift. Small cars are essential for maneuvering narrow streets. I wanted to see the Tour Eiffel sparkle but the timing wasn't right. It happens each hour for several hours each night but I need the opportunity to be there for the important five minutes worth.

We got home quite late but I was determined not to waste any time the next morning.


Liz said...

Well done Frances! Delighted to hear you are enjoying yourself. Eek, just read about the toilet roll pillow... if that's not the living end!

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