Friday, 10 September 2010

Team bonding

Yesterday the public affairs team went out to lunch together at La Cigale Cafe to say goodbye to me. I ordered a very scrummy rich beef stew. We shared wine and water and bread and chatted. Glyn was disappointed he had to leave half an hour later in order to conduct job interviews for the supercity.

I shall truly miss my colleagues in public affairs: Liz, Fiona, Sonya, Lisah, Sue, Glyn, Nada, Angela and Leonie. Most of us are not 'young' and we know how to share our personalities, hopes, tragedies and successes. We listen, debate and support each other. We are friends. We have spontaneous hugs and cups of coffee. I admonish the smokers in the group and they happily agree and then ignore me. We've seen our children grow up and seen politicians come and go. Crises have been managed, awards celebrated. These people with whom I have worked have been like a family to me for four years- we've all earned the right to be part of our group.

Not many work places are like that. Waitakere was but it's disintegrating under the strain of the imposed supercity arrangement. People are leaving, becoming more self-centred due to circumstances. But not my communications colleagues.

I bless them and love them for holding true to our close relationships until the bitter end. Love you guys. I hope I find a working environment like this again one day. It's the only sane way to work and be a human being. Thanks!


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