Monday, 4 October 2010

Kick off

Second official day in my new job. Victoria (who is multilingual) started the same day as me and today we were located next to each other. There are a number of the same tasks we'll be working on. Actually I'd love to be working a lot more as I find it hard to wait for someone else to do something before I can get stuck in. I need to feel busy and productive and in charge of my own workload but that's not happening yet.

Be patient? In my previous jobs I've had to be productive from day one. We have a deadline but we've barely been able to start it today. Last week I struggled with bureaucracy, today it has been IT stuff. I'm pleased to be in a room with a few other people. My previous work space was mostly empty with a couple of staff coming and going from time to time. Poor Tania will be rattling around in there now. The people I interact with are very nice-no problem there. Victoria and I have agreed, for both of our sakes, that we will speak English in the mornings and French after lunch so we improve our language skills but can still collaborate and understand what needs to be done.

I think I'm starting to feel a little more settled, one week after moving into Cafeolait. In fact, I felt just like one of the other commuters tonight as I settled back in the train, rolling across the countryside under a glowering sky. To rain or not to rain-seems to be the daily question, and the answer is? Do both. So there I was today briskly marching to and from train stations in the dark, sitting in the carriages listening to Michael Jackson or Celine Dion on my MP3 player, negotiating the steps up and down from the platforms.

Fridays seem to be casual day. Last week I noticed a tsunami of denim rushing towards me as I left for work via the train station. Almost no-one wore anything other than denim, no matter their age, amazing, yet today, slightly less denim and a few business suits.

Last night's trip to the movies went well. Wall Street played in English with French subtitles- great for me on both counts. I was a little disappointed with the movie. Despite its clever camera angles it failed to connect with me. I suspect many people, like me, will find it difficult to understand the money-speak and the script just seemed to lack 'something'. Well, it got me out of the studio and the awesome thing was... everyone used the exit by the screen. I discovered myself outside on my own street just a few metres from my studio. Fantastic convenience to get home!


Alison said...

You are doing so well! And yes, I think that finding a place to live where the light/sun comes in needs to be a priority. Winter will be hard enough without that added gloom. (But spring will be magnificent and well worth waiting for!)

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