Saturday, 2 October 2010

Small Pleasures

Today was my first Saturday in Cafeolait and time to start setting up some weekly routines for myself. That meant a trip to do the shopping at Monoprix. I'm finding it quite expensive to get set up even though I'm not going for luxury items. The exchange rate is not kind. Hopefully I can cut back soon as my finances won't stand the pace long and I don't want them to have to.

I was delighted this morning to find myself in the middle of some quite exceptional markets. The main street in Cafeolait closes to cars on Saturdays 5am-2pm for the local markets. Cheap clothing. I now have a warm button up cardy-coat and a woollen black cloche hat. So chic! The variety and quality of products are very good. I couldn't help window-shopping, it was just so interesting. There's also a charming carousel in a permanent location near the supermarket. Even on a damp day like today it was patronised. Maybe I'll have time for market photos next weekend.

I also found my way to the post office and arranged for some official immigration documents to be sent priority and to be signed for. I also bought some envelopes with prepaid stamps printed on them for any posting within France. So now I know a wee bit about markets and postage. Back at the studio it was time to put the groceries away and grab a bite for lunch. it consisted of a pain au raisin and a nice mug of hot chocolate which I have discovered is best with the milk, cacao and sugar heated together.

For dinner I heated up a lovely little individual Quiche Lorraine. If you get the warming temperature just right you end up with a soft and fluffy delight. Yum, with a salad I made, chased by raspberries and a magnum. Nothing heavy, just scrummy.

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll do. I was going to go to Paris but maybe I need to tighten my budget. I may go to the local cinema instead.


Defogger said...

Hey Frances, I am pleased to note your approach to settling in and openning up to what is available. Sure will be tight for a while, but you will find a way for making it your home. Showering! More excitementin staying hygienic! You'll cope. Add it as another experience for the book.
Missing you. Off you go to the movies, if you do, without me. Love Stephen

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