Sunday, 3 October 2010

Looking for connections

I got a little bored today, stuck in my little studio, so I knew I'd have to catch a train back to Rambouillet. The castle was an obvious place to return to because I wanted to capture the changing seasons there, with my camera,also it's so beautiful to have that on my doorstep. Autumn is racing through the area. Regularly I heard heart-stopping thumping sounds as if the bodies of dead birds were hitting the ground. Happily it was only large leaves and chestnuts falling. The wind had the falling leaves swirling and drifting about me like snow. Within a week leaves are turning and falling as the big chill moves towards me.

I met an American couple who have been living in Paris for three years. It seems most foreigners are on short term contracts. I felt a bit unsettled by that as I so desperately want to live here indefinitely. I don't think I'd recover from the loss (emotionally and financially) if I had to be back in NZ within a year.

This town of Rambouillet is gorgeous and I love it but I now need to go further afield there because I've covered its environs many times now.  Paris had to wait as I am going through my money too quickly. Instead, I hope to visit Chartres on the train next Sunday, just for the day, and take lots of photos. I need to savour every minute I have here and ensure I have accurate memories.

I need a really decent bread knife. Everything is blunt in the studio and with bread being a staple on the diet I'm struggling to deal to the loaves without squishing everything into oblivion. The boulanger supplied me with a country loaf and I endeavoured to saw slices off to go with my salad and avocado. Healthy yummies. Not so healthy lunch perhaps: huge bowl of dark hot chocolate and a pain aux raisin again and then grapes and a plum and kiwifruit for afternoon tea after my walk. Hmm, might need a snack before the movie tonight-great, I can walk there so easily.

Feeling a lack of human contact, I decided to be a bit proactive and suggest to Veronique in Paris that we could get together soon. I also spent time researching couchsurfers in Cafeolait and sent a couple of them a message to let them know I am newly arrived in town and could we meet. Hopefully, one way or the other, I will make some acquaintances and one day, some nearby friends. Perhaps Pascal might visit if I invite him, though he's always saying he's too busy for this and that.

Tonight I'm expecting to watch the English language version of Wall Street at the cinema; I wonder if it will be like a NZ cinema experience. Hopefully there won't be any of that atrociously messy and smelly popcorn.


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