Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Is there an IT guru in the house?

You know how it is: new operating software, new version of an application, new laptop, new country. A recipe for immense frustration.

For some strange reason my Outlook won't send messages and despite advice from a friend it's still not sending though receiving is OK. My word 7 is misbehaving and colleagues can't seem to fix it. All the paragraph marks etc stubbornly remain despite clicking on the P button on the top. Grr. It's affecting documents my teacher is trying to send to me, rendering them unusable so I'm stuck with hard copies which I can't modify. It's times like this that being overseas has its drawbacks.

Today in this blog I've included photos of my room and the classroom. Note the clever use of space for my pantry. I'm based at the Centre in Plelauff, Brittany.

Tomorrow I have to deliver part of a lesson and tonight I have to prepare for it as well as finish another assignment. It's full-on so I made sure I got some exercise this afternoon in the dance studio. It's a large new building which has a great dance floor and a sound system I have managed to operate. Tomorrow we work late so exercise and leisure are off the menu.

Speaking of menus, I'm not sure what I'll eat tonight. Maybe tinned ravioli or some vegetable and lentil soup-probably the later. Lunch is always yoghurt and fruit although today I added in left-over cold sausages from my cooking 'extravaganza' last night. Sausages and a whole tin of carrots and peas. Bizarre but yummy for this student.

I do enjoy my cups of tea still, using sugar cubes here instead of loose refined sugar as back in NZ. Enjoy your takeways and meat and veggie meals while you think of me in my little garret lol.


Rory said...

I am envious! I sent an email to Mike to see if he can provide any wisdom on your IT woes.

I've been in love with Europe for a long time, it always makes me nostalgic.

Take care you are an inspiration!


Frances Harrison said...

Thanks for trying to help Rory and thanks for your interest in my blog

guilty.by.association said...

I miss you! Nice to see your food on the floor mum, now you are really living like me! Enjoy yourself despite the issues. I love you

Defogger said...

Sheer luxury! All part of your big adventure.

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