Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ramping up my efficiency

It was a very late night again last night but it moved me forward a little in my lesson preparations. I know what I'm doing, for the most part, for my intermediate lesson next week and the subject and dialogue for my repeat beginners lesson have been approved.

Next week is massive in terms of workload. I need to complete all the materials preparation still; finish writing out my lesson plans as well as prepare for doing language use diagnosis on one of the village women. That has to happen on Monday. I also have to plan and prepare for the 90min grammar lesson and fit it all around a quick trip to Rennes this weekend.

I'm hoping I can do some practice and prep at Pascal's place during convenient moments. I don't want to skip the weekend as there aren't many left and things depend on how hectic his workload is (usually pretty bad).

I've managed to squeeze in hand-washing my laundry again and doing a dance practice which Caroline watched. My body was very out of breath from the virus but not as stiff so maybe the jetlag effects are wearing off. Yay!!!

There is a small improvement today with my head and throat. Still sore and it's in my chest but my energy level is brightening. Test results should arrive tomorrow and I'm due to see the doctor and pharmacy then too. If they find nothing at least I know it's not something nasty.

Next Friday we have a free day. I'm not sure what I'll do. I may contact a couchsurfing member living in St Brieuc. That's on the bus route to Rennes. The others are off to Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.

So... off to Rennes via bus and train connections, some of them tight (eek). Haven't done this before and no idea where anything is but, hey, that's what it's all about. I just don't want to miss my train connection.

Two weeks down already. Have definitely learnt to live like a very poor student with inadequate diet and ablutions and survive. I must say though, I don't like literally living out of a suitcase. I keep mislaying everything. OK back to work.


Defogger said...

If there is anyone I know who can make it all happen... it is you. Go girl. Work hard, play hard and stay well.

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