Sunday, 16 May 2010

French conviviality

I enjoyed the BBQ. What a challenge for my french language. In the end I had to concentrate on one conversation at a time and even then it was extremely difficult but I joined in when I could and Pascal and his friends are great company. Did I mention Pascal is a great cook? His chocolate desert is amazing and so was lunch today. I have drunk french champagne (no, not Dom Perignon) and something alcoholic made from apples (no not cider).

I've tried a few new food items and have bought a few groceries to get me started this week. Must find a cheap hairdryer too.For some reason my outlook email won't send mails. Thank goodness I now have hotmail- it seems more reliable. My jetlag is starting to catch up with me- well I haven't rested since I got here so it's probably a good idea if I get to bed before midnight.Thanks for joining me on this journey.


Defogger said...

Did you try any cheeses? Non sheep and cow meats? What new foods did you try? :-)

Frances Harrison said...

Yes I have tried goats cheese- I can manage that in small doses and the same for brie. I'm taking it carefully. Bacon is a bit different here, it does not come in strips. Have been eating dry brioche rounds with fruit in for breakfast. They are very dry and crunchie and are not toasted, just used as is. Toast is not common.

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