Thursday, 20 May 2010

Second time around

Here I am with a day totally revolving around study and how to eat as cheaply as possible. My bread has had to last a week and is now at the toasting-only stage. Dessert is an over-ripe banana on bread which follows a packet minestrone soup, half of which had to be saved for lunch tomorrow. I reckon I could give a pensioner a run for their money in the efficiency stakes. Lunch is usually a miniscule pot of yoghurt and a piece of fruit but was today supplemented by some vinegar crisps for added carbohydrate.

It's amazing how you can manage on a lot less than you have back home. Certainly things are rather simple and require less technology here. No oven, no washing machine, no TV or DVDs, just keeping in touch with friends via the internet and lots and lots of homework.Tonight I have a 5 page assignment to do and I've already been preparing for some teaching practice next week. This is my second time as a 'serious' student and it's no easier this time around.

I love the quiet here: no traffic noise, noise from neighbours or lawn mowers, no planes overhead. Only the sound of the nearby animals at the centre, only the enveloping calm and quiet of country Brittany. I'm really enjoying La Bretagne.

Tomorrow Pascal is collecting me at the end of the day and we will explore Carnac over the weekend. check out
for information on this amazing place.

Hopefully the weather will be warmer. It's not summer as I had expected. Hope you've all survived the new budget. I can't imagine there's any good news in it for me so I'm ignoring it. I'm not checking out the NZ news sites. Actually, I'm not missing NZ at all, just some special folks who happen to live there.


Shams said...

Hi Frances, wow! I just finished reading all your posts! I am very happy for you, that you have finally made your dream come true, that you are living in the present, finding yourself there, and living in a peacefull place.
Look forward to more post, and sorry, I am a follower but been busy lately with school!

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