Tuesday, 13 July 2010

From eco to eco

All need not be lost but it will be difficult. Waitakere City, New Zealand's eco city, dies with the creation of the Auckland Council and CCOs and the transference of water supply and wastewater services to Watercare Services.

Waitakere has spent many years of proud struggle to offer its citizens a philosophical and practical alternative to the lack of consistent commitment to preserving a workable planet for ourselves and our children, which is so evident elsewhere, especially in commercially-oriented organisations and even central government.

But what happens to the eco spirit and community pride in Waitakere when the supercity kicks off on 01 November?

I hope every passionate west aucklander and all the current council staff will continue to advocate for environmental issues wherever they may be in future.
I don't live in Waitakere but I've been priviledged to work there for four years and see a different way of thinking and doing.

That's why I'm proud to say that the Waitakere Way will live on in France and ultimately contacts throughout the world, when I relocate in a few months. It's Auckland's loss and Europe's gain to have my passion and abilities recognised as valuable on the other side of the world. I'm moving to another organisation with sympathetic environmental attitudes, that makes efforts to help people and the planet to live sustainably so that the last nail in the coffin of our planet is not tapped into place.

I fear for Auckland and New Zealand at present because the necessary leadership isn't where it needs to be. I hope the elections result in people with vision being placed where they can truly work on behalf of the people and that automatically means they will be sensitive to preserving a good quality of life with a minimal environmental footprint.

It's clear it's time for me to move on but I'm sad to leave my projects, colleagues and contacts back here. Waitakere is a place I'm proud of. Auckland is not. However, good people will find their way into the new organisation and I hope they can spread the special qualities they contribute to Waitakere into the new Auckland so that I can look on with some renewed enthusiasm for my birth country.


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