Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lifestyle change

How attached are you to your 'things'? When did you last have a major cull? I've had regular throw-outs over the past decades and I don't have a lot of clutter other than stuff in the garage but I must admit, it's not easy to part with the big stuff, even though it's getting a bit old. I like to look after my belongings and keep them well maintained so hopefully other folks might like to buy them for the right price.

It's hard to price things. I know they have to be a bargain but what's the market value for second-hand? It's what people are willing to pay, of course, but how do you determine that in advance? Research on Trade Me?

I've made a list and guessed pricing for both Trade Me and a garage sale. What if no-one comes to my sale? Oh horrible thought. I wonder what the best way to advertise it would be. I've never done this before. This process seems much worse than getting in a moving company and having the cost paid by an employer. For my move I must find new homes for things, empty the house and shift personal effects at my own expense. One quote was for only 1 cubic metre. How on earth am I supposed to manage with only that? Sheesh!

The weather in Europe is really hot right now, in the 30s Celsius. That's a bit hot, even for me. Next summer in Europe will be my first ever as a resident so I hope the climate will be kind. Before that happens I will need to survive a French winter Brrrr! I can see a new style of wardrobe will be required.


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