Saturday, 10 July 2010

The starting gates are open

It happened! It finally happened. Yesterday I received a lettre d'engagement -a letter of appointment, from the head of my employment organisation in France. My dream really is coming true. It's official that I have been appointed to communications for some interesting projects. A worthy sort of work, important work.

What a challenge I have in store: learning new aspects of protecting our environment, giving up my worldly belongings and country and culture, becoming more competent in a second language, adjusting to an entirely different way of life and experiences. Even the Parisien climate will be very different to Auckland.

I have somewhere to stay for a while until I can find myself something more permanent to rent. My new home will be a small studio apartment in Cafeolait which is about an hour's trip in the train from central Paris. Cafeolait is a lovely city with interesting historical roots. It even has a beautiful castle, lakes and parklands near my future abode. Work has kindly arranged for me to rent the apartment. I have no details on it other than the address.

It's going to be a bit tricky without a car for a bit but I'll just have to find some way to manage domestic stuff. I'll have neighbourhoods and cities and a country to explore, interesting people to meet and hopefully I'll make some friends too.

In the meantime I have the unpleasant task of disposing of my belongings because I can't take most of them with me. I'm planning a garage sale and to put the big stuff on Trade Me but inevitably there will be 'things' I don't know how to dispose of. Byebye past.


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