Saturday, 31 July 2010

Was that the end?

Today's focus was on performing, bellydancing. I had the opportunity today to perform my fan dance and also a couple of other numbers at the Mt Eden Memorial Hall. The weather was bad and the audience was sparse. Never mind, It was great to climb into my costumes and perform, maybe one last time.

Was it the end of my bellydancing career? I don't know. I am hopeful I can perform from time to time in France. I haven't found a teacher where I'll be living; that's a problem because I need to keep my technique and performances sharp. Maybe there will be a market for some seduction dance workshops for ladies? I'd love to find out.

I'm working on faith and hope right now; faith that I can catch my booked flight to Paris next month. I want it, I need it in order to be truly me and to have a future. I'll give everything for it, and it seems I really am. I want the french government to welcome one of its 'daughters' home.


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