Monday, 19 July 2010

Steps forward

I find the best way to deal with uncertainty and anxiety is to get stuck in and move things forward. It's tempting to procrastinate but there comes a point, fairly quickly, when you just know you'll feel better when you've achieved some forward movement instead of worrying about the current situation.

Forward movement is happening. I have now engaged a property manager to look after my home in my absence and an accountant to make sure I'm not wasting money and am meeting my legal requirements ie taxes. I've also signed my new employment contract. That's all go but still the documentation must be finished by the university and sent to the government in France, who will consider my case and (I really hope) will direct the french embassy in Wellington to issue the work permit after my visit there next week. Time is very short for a government department to make a decision before I arrive at the embassy.

If it doesn't happen I'll have really big problems. It doesn't bear thinking about so no more on THAT subject.

I'm still looking at options for my belongings. The small stuff has to go but I'm a wee bit nervous about getting rid of my large stuff-furniture. My contract is officially for only one year and although there's a good chance that it could be rolled over, that's not on offer right now.

What if I came back here to no chair, no bed, nothing. I'd never be able to replace it so at the moment I'm investigating minimal storage. It's very expensive, but less expensive than having to replace furniture. If things work out indefinitely for me in France I'd come back to NZ and wind up my affairs. I hope that happens.

It's going to be odd for me not to have a garden for some time. Gardening has been a very important interest for me and has supplied great organic produce. My time will be directed onto other things I suppose. What will they be? Will I be able to continue my bellydancing? What about Toastmasters? There are no clubs near my new home or workplace in France. More changes in the wind, it would seem. I wonder what will replace these interests? I'll take some dance costumes over there anyway, just in case.


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